• ISCG 05- 53 grams

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Mozartt Meno was created for those who likes to travel with a narrow-wide chain ring. You like tech talk? We use only the best quality of alloy – 7075 T651 type! We are milling the backplate of the chain guide from one block of our prestigious alloy to be sure we will produce the lightest and most durable pieces on the market. It protects the chain ring from the impacts and rocks.The bash guard could be easy removed just with one tool in case on an emergency on the track. Ready to use the #bikeporn tag under your new piece of bike jewellery?


  • chainring range: 28T – 34T
  • 7075 T651 backplate
  • ISCG05 compatible


  • ISCG 05- 45 grams